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Windows XP

Program called Vista Inspirat The make your Windows Xp at the- View החדש לחצו:
Make the appearance of the- The sight of your XP- VIEW החדש


Black XPize תוכנת עיצוב חדשה ל WinXP

vs element XPize תוכנת עיצוב חדשה ל WinXP

Program called Xpize with a variety of options and skins for Windows XP and full color themes sounds etc’
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Theme name Media Center
In 2005 יצאה גרסא של Windows Xp בשם Windows Xp Media Center Edition.
She included a course New Design ועוד תוכנה בשם Media Center לניגון סרטים. (The software also exists in Vista)
Experts see the design and she loved it very, Copy it and distribute it to the Web, There is a blue version and black version.

Here are the pictures:

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Theme name Halcyon
Really nice design scheme and the different design standard Xp.
For people who like changes.
The design comes with a suitable background to design a full completion.


Download design: Click here