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12938 Free Wallpapers Download SS Israel is the leading site mainly computer backgrounds but also specializes in other areas:
Downloadable fonts – On a variety of fonts (Fonts) Totally free download.
Computer icons – On a variety of icons for website owners and designers of personal computers.
PC Designs – On a variety of designs and themes for your PC ready and optimized.
Backgrounds on the site are divided into dozens of categories and sub categories of backgrounds and it so you find exactly the PC you are looking for background.
Abundance and variety of the pictures were found on the site by site administrators for accessing your PC or laptop.
Wallpapers are designed to improve the situation - your spirit, Studies show that diversification computer screens make it more fun to use.
Common categories: Wallpapers of Cars , Wallpapers of Babes, Three-dimensional backgrounds, Widescreen backgrounds and a wide range.
In addition to backgrounds on a variety of fonts in Hebrew from the best artists in Israel so that you can give your text look better.
The site recently added wallpaper icons download a variety of categories , Different colors and shapes, So that you may give your computer a new look.

Site is specialized backgrounds computer backgrounds but only specializes in computer and user suitability.
Already on: Software and skins will help you change the style and formatting your computer.

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